theBlindPoet is an aka of Graham Hughes.

He lives in Whangarei, Aotearoa-New Zealand.


Passionate about people, love, life and creativity

Graham lives with his wife and two twice exceptional four legged animals making them a 12 legged family. Graham is part of The Analogue Resistance.


Why theBlindPoet?


The blind bit is someone knowing full well he doesn't see everything clearly or only dim shadows. Plus, his favourite quote is from a blind woman. (Helen Keller)


Why Poet?


That same someone simply loves words and is a romantic based on how long he takes to do things, the number of dreams he has  and the fact that no one seems to really understand what the hell he is on about.


the + Blind + Poet = A pub in Edinburgh or Graham Hughes.


Graham has a few aka's. kiwivagabond : theanalogueresistance : gallery259


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